Top Real Estate Areas in dubai

Forty years ago, no one could have imagined the scale of transformation Dubai would undergo to turn into a vibrant city offering a host of residential, commercial and recreational amenities. Dubai, as a tax-free zone and thanks to its influential geopolitics, is now an unparalleled location for anyone longing for endless residential as well as financial opportunities to be seized sooner than later. It is from this perspective that obtaining an in-depth knowledge of the areas in Dubai proves essential, which will naturally beg the question as to which is the best area in Dubai! The truth is, “the best area” depends to a great extent on what each individual is looking for, what aspects matter to them most and whether their end goal is to purchase, rent or invest in properties in Dubai. Here at Radis Home, relying on our detailed local knowledge, we make sure that you are offered the ideal area in a way that all your personal desires and criteria are fully indulged.


Dubai’s property market has been one the most resilient markets over the last years and has been booming yet again recording an amazing %68 growth rate year on year. Comparing the overall performance of the first quarter of year 2021 with the same period in 2022, a whopping 27,507 total sales transactions in terms of volume is presented by the data compared to the 16,341 transactions in the same period last year. It is predicted by real estate financial experts that this trend will keep soaring as more investors and buyers are developing an avid interest in Dubai as a global safe-haven.


Radis Home in partnership with real estate developers and thanks to its multilingual consultants with their in-depth knowledge of the areas and projects will guarantee you a lucrative deal.


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