Welcome to Radis Home

Radis Home prides in upholding a name and franchise renowned for years of expertise and successful sales of precious possessions and prestigious properties from around the world. As Agents in sales, and leasing, we offer a complete and professional approach to your property matters and associated services spread across Singapore, Malaysia to Dubai, an investors global hub to beautiful Mediterranean countries like Italy and Spain.

The real estate brokerage company which is more than your average real estate agency. Here at Radis Home, we prioritize building a strong, long-lasting and win-win relationship with our clients rather than simply talking them into buying, renting or investing in a property. We put integrity before benefit, transparency before gain and your satisfaction before merely having a deal. Whether it is free detailed consultation or general friendly advice, whether it is moving into ready projects or investing in off-plan properties, whether it is property management or legal advice regarding contracts and obligations, our expert, multilingual and passionate team is more than pleased to assist and accompany you through every single step of the process.

Our comprehensive service portfolio includes:

Our professionals know their communities and the property market inside out and provide knowledgeable, creative solutions to all their clients real estate needs. Our inhouse knowledge combined with strategic partnerships allows us to promptly meet client expectations.

Finding the right property involves researching hundreds of properties, analyzing the data, and an expert negotiator for buyers, sellers and renters. At Radis Home, you can be confident that you are working with a brokerage firm with the knowledge and years of experience to help guide you. Our team is fully dedicated to client satisfaction and to making the process of buying and selling as seamless as possible.

Radis Home has a high-end team which works in an advisory capacity to help the client plan the property purchase by evaluating the market, new trends, zoning and other influencing factors to help take advantage of market changes. Acting an advising firm our primary role is to help our clients maximize returns on their real estate investments.

Our team is committed to work closely with owners, investors and tenants to makes sure all the facets of the property are handled, and that value is maintained while the property is being lived in.

This service focuses on the properties owned and leased by a company. Our goal is to make sure the sum value of the properties—both their tangible worth and their contributions to operations—benefit a company. Radis team liaises with executives and other stakeholders to support data-backed decision-making involving real estate.

Why Clients Choose Us, Trust Us and Remain Loyal to Us?

Buying, selling, renting and managing property can be a stressful process if done sloppily. At Radis Home, we do not just do business, we build trustworthy relationships and our multilingual, highly-trained and locally knowledgeable staff will ensure a smooth process throughout.

A real estate deal can be accompanied by some hurdles whether legal or financial. Thanks to its years of presence in not only real estate but also a variety of other successful businesses, Radis Home, in partnership with over 50 highly-accredited developers as well as having a huge network of affiliations, will help make your deal seem totally seamless and effortless to you.

Nothing can give you a worse headache than having to make a decision about real estate. “Shall I buy a completed project or invest in an off-plan one?” “Which area shall I choose a property from?” “How can I get the highest yield from my investment?” are just a very few questions that preoccupy one when it comes to a real estate transaction. Our accomplished consultants, through free extensive consultations, will take an empathetic approach in providing you with every single detail which might matter to you personally guaranteeing you will get the best possible deal, one which suits your lifestyle and caters for your personal needs and criteria rather than our sole financial gain.


Radis Home is your local expert, in global markets offering an incomparable level of service and global visibility under a brand that stands for trust, discretion and excellence.

Why Dubai?

Dubai’s property market has been one the most resilient markets over the last years and has been booming yet again recording an amazing %68 growth rate year on year. Comparing the overall performance of the first quarter of year 2021 with the same period in 2022, a whopping 27,507 total sales transactions in terms of volume is presented by the data compared to the 16,341 transactions in the same period last year. It is predicted by real estate financial experts that this trend will keep soaring as more investors and buyers are developing an avid interest in Dubai as a global safe-haven.


The city is a thriving centre for business. 70% of Fortune 500 companies have their regional base in Dubai and it regularly tops the World Bank’s annual report for Ease of Doing Business in the Arab world.