Federal Decree-Law No. (29) of 2021 Regarding Entry AndResidence Of Alien

Article (10)-(20)


Article (11)


Cancelling And Expiring Of Visa Or Residence

Any Alien whose visa or residence permit has been canceled or whose residence has expired with the expiration of theperiod of the visa or residence permit, and does not initiate renewal – in cases in which this is permissible – or if he did not leave the State within the periods determined by the Executive Regulations of this Decree-Law, an administrativefine shall be imposed on him for each day in which he resides illegally in the State as of the date of the expiry of theseperiods, and the value of this fine shall be determined by a decision of the Council of Ministers.


Article (12) Foreign- Born

If the Alien has a newborn in the State, he shall do the following within (4) four months from the date of birth:

  • Obtaining documents to prove the identity of his newborn in accordance with the legislation and procedures in force in his State.
  • Confirmation of the residence of his


In the event of non-compliance with Clauses (1) and (2) of this Article, an administrative fine shall be imposed on him for each day as of the expiry date of the aforementioned period, and the value of this fine shall be determined by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

Article (13) Exemption From Fine

The President or his authorized representative shall decide to exempt from all or part of the fine prescribed in Articles (11) and (12) of this Decree-Law.

Article (14) Alien Documents

  • The Alien, during the period of his stay in the State, shall submit whenever requested to do so, the passport or the document that represent him, and answer the data he is asked about, and to submit upon request to the authority or police headquarters at the time determined for him.
  • The Alien, if his passport is lost or damaged, shall inform the authority about that within

(24) twenty-four hours from the date of the loss or damage.


Article (15) Aliens Deportation

  • The Federal Attorney General or his authorized representative and the President or whomever he delegates may order the deportation of the alien even if he has a visa or residence permit, if such deportation is required by the public interest, public security, public morals, or public health, or if he has no apparent means of living.
  • The Alien’s deportation order may include the Alien members of his family whom he is entrusted with maintenance.
  • The President or whoever he authorizes to detain the Alien whose deportation order is issued, after the approval of the Federal Attorney General, and for a period not exceeding


(30) thirty days, which can be extended for a similar period if such detention is necessary to execute the deportation order.


Article (6)


Expenses Of The Deported Alien


The President may order that the expenses of deporting the Alien and his family and deporting him from the State be from the money of this Alien if he has money or at the expense of his employer in violation of the provisions of theDecree-Law, otherwise the Authority shall bear the expenses of deportation or expulsion.


Article (17)


Liquidation Of The Interests Of The Deported Alien

If the Alien who is ordered to be deported or expelled has interests in the State that require liquidation, he shall be given a period of time to liquidate them after he submits a guarantee, and the Executive Regulations of this Decree-Law shall determine the controls for this period.

Article (18)


Entry Of The Deported Alien


  • The Alien who has previously been deported may not return to the State without the permission of the President.
  • Subject to the provisions of Articles (11) and (12) of this Decree-Law, the expulsion of the Alien from the State shall be by order of the Authority if he does not have a residence permit or if the permit period has expired or been canceled, no permission may be given to re-enter the Stated unless he fulfills the conditions and procedures necessary for entry in accordance with the provisions of this Decree-Law.

Article (19) Penalties

If the Alien arrives in the State by any means of transportation in violation of the provisions of this Decree-Law and its Executive Regulations, then the Authority may order his deportation and instruct the captain of the transportation means in which he arrived or the captain of any other means belonging to the same owner to deport that Alien from the State, and the owner of the transportation means bears the costs of deportation.

Article (20)


The imposition of penalties stipulated in this Decree- Law shall not prejudice any severer penalty stipulated in any other law.